Well, that’s the games code-name..ish.. thing.

The game engine is getting pretty close to complete (for the most part). I originally wanted to make this game with my son, but seems that has fallen through (his summer school vacation with me has ended). So, I’m gonna push the date to late September for release (or later, depending on how many people come on board).

I’m looking for people to help out. This is just a little/simple game (aka would be a Chapter in an RPG). I’m looking for sprite artists, BG artists, portrait/etc artists, map/area/enemy design artists, story/writer artist, sound FX artist, chiptune artists. Some beta testers too. Yes, I don’t want to design the story myself. I rather allocate my time where it would be most efficient; coding.

I’ll be honest, I’m gonna be reserved about choosing someone to fill the story/writer position. Everybody and their mother has a game idea, and while I’ll be overseeing/managing all of this – I am going to leave the game idea and story to the writer. I actually do have someone in mind for this (I’ll be contacting them first).

If you’re interested in any of these positions, shoot me an email.

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