Hah – doing a major rebuild of the area:screen system. An area has a specific tileset and palette for up to 256 screens (16×16 screen block). I could, in theory, have 256 areas (1million pixels by 0.720million pixels).

I needed more flexibility in the design of things. I needed a way to better organize map data too. Warps/stairs/etc can trigger load of near area blocks – which requires a screen fade out and in. Of course, edge screen exits can do this now, too. So, transitioning from a forest to a desert – is a fade transition allowing new tiles to be loaded, instead of the normal screen scroll.

The down side; I’m rebuilding a lot code screen fetching code. School starts this Tuesday (full time), so I’m trying to bang out some code over the weekend. I have some new test maps/tiles that I want to try out, but they require this new code.

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