Not dead, not dead. This is my first semester, so it’s taking quite a bit to get used to being efficient with my time (studying/homework/etc). That, and I took accelerated Spanish. I will NOT make that mistake again. That Spanish class is actually eating most of my time (too much to remember and learn in a short period of time), but it ends early – medio octubre. Should have more free time then. I’m gonna continue taking Spanish as far as it will go. I’m hoping to get a grant to study abroad when I transfer to a larger university. Voy a viajar a España! También, a mí me gusta mucha la PC-Engine. And some Latin American countries too.

But yeah, Black Tiger is working out some ideas for the story for the game project. Things will be slow, for a little bit – but should pick up in October. And full force for winter break.

2 Responses to “Heyyooooo…”

  1. Paranoia Dragon Says:

    Sweet, you still live! 🙂 So BT’s doing some story stuff, what about gfx? BTW, I’m stuck on finishing up Cutman’s theme. I’ve wanted to do that song for probably 20+ years, but trying to fluff it out to 3 mins or more has definitely had it’s challenges. I think I have it figured out, mainly just need to finish up the breakdown I have planned at the end. I did finish the Stage Select…but I decided I want to do some tweaking, so I’ll tweak it once I’m finished with Cutman. I’m getting soooo close to finishing the soundtrack, but each song always ends up taking more time then planned……..as usual! 😀

  2. Muy interesante esas clases de español, friend me. I’m sure the pc engine it’s my favorite console. Cordialy. Slackware122. Cordialmente me despido y espero llenar mi cabeza de sapiencia para programar en pc engine con ensamblador.

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