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Update: November

Posted in Uncategorized on November 15, 2014 by pcedev

I’ve completely underestimated college. I’ve got some free time from one class finished up, but I’ve since filled that with work (trying to save cash like crazy). I’ve ran some numbers and at the going rate, I won’t have enough loan money and financial aid/grants to finish getting my degree (and I qualify for the max amount). I’ll run out around the last year or so. Working federal study (20 hours a week) only provides minimum wage and I’ve included that into the numbers and analysis as well. This means I need to maintain a highest GPA possible to hopefully qualify for yearly scholarships. Pima College (state community college) is only $1,700 year for 28 credits, but the U of A, where I plan to get my undergrad in Computer Science, is $11,000 a year. Neither of those numbers include books or obviously cost of living. On top of that, all math classes (Calc I,II,III, Linear Alg, Diff Equ) and *any* supporting science class all ~need~ to be have a ‘B’ or higher in grade completion, else I won’t be accepted in the last major part of the program; they aren’t messing around ;>_> That was an eye opener.

Anyway, point being – I won’t have as much free time as I would like or had originally thought. That doesn’t mean I plan to abandon PCE coding (I’m not), but my progress in college is the highest priority, and the free time I do get for do PCE stuff – will be highly selective. That means those projects that I have on going, like nes2pce stuff, will probably not see much action or attention (if any). I have winter break coming up, and I have summer break later on. Those are the times where I’ll probably be the most productive. Looking back now, I’ve clearly wasted time that could have easily been put to PCE stuffs. But hindsight is 20/20, as they say…