Reporting in…

Wow, it’s been a crazy year for me. I apologize for the lack of updates, but one of the keys to a successful semester is for me to remove all distractions. I have a 4.0 for these past three semesters (took a full summer semester; that nearly kicked my arse!) and have worked hard to achieve that GPA. Anyway, I’m just trying to catch up to see what’s happening in the scene and such. I’ve read the comments you guys have posted over the past few months (and approved them) – thanks! If you’ve been approved once, to have your comment show up, then you can post as many as you like without having to have them approved each time afterwards.

My Mom is doing a lot better now – the medication is working (though she has to take it for the rest of her life). She’s feeling sooo much better too. My older son had some serious trouble this past year and had to be hospitalized. He’s been diagnosed with crohn’s disease, which basically is where your own body/immune system attacks your digestive track/intestines. They became so inflamed that they weren’t pulling any nutrients/calories from his food; he was basically starving to death. He lost 60lbs, and all his blood work was dangerously off (had to be hospitalized), and could barely stand or walk. They were going to do surgery (to remove parts of his intestines), but the medication they have him on is currently working and he’s starting to gain back the weight (as of this past month). If you’re a parent, then I don’t need to begin to explain how it feels to watch your child go through this (he’s 19 year old, but he’s still my child). Once he gets his health back up, I’m gonna try to convince him to start on his computer science degree.

My younger son, 13 years old, just finished his first college class. He met the legal age for community college and so for his birthday I paid for him to take a math course over the summer at the same campus I’m attending. He just completed 7th grade, and he amazingly passed all the assessment tests into college level reading, writing, and math. He’s never had an algebra class, but I’ve taught him algebra stuffs since he was little. He tested right under college algebra, and so he took an Algebra-II class and passed it with an A; his first college class. If he took one math class each semester in college while attending regular school, he’d be done with all three calculus classes (Calc I, II, III) by the time he starts his 2nd year in high school. Crazy. I took trig this summer so I can start calc this fall, and so he learned a little trig this summer too. He definitely has a brain for math – lol.

Life sure is a roller coaster. And the best you can do, sometimes, is just hold on as tight as you can. Anyway, I have 20 days of “vacation” from school this August, so I need to catch up on some PCE related stuffs.

6 Responses to “Reporting in…”

  1. Paranoia Dragon Says:

    Sounds like things are settling down a bit for you & your family, I’m really glad to hear it!

  2. Thanks PD. Yeah, hopefully for a while šŸ™‚

  3. That’s horrible news about your son’s Crohn’s disease.

    My brother was diagnosed with a similar condition, ulcerative colitus, a couple years ago. He kept the diagnosis secret for the first year, even from his own wife I believe, and he doesn’t talk about it much, but he’s been in and out of the hospital and it’s a nightmare to think about.

    He’s such a confident and strong willed person (he is business major, afterall) that if anyone has to battle it, he’s the one that can take it head on and somehow still remain the happy, goal achieving person he was born to be.

    I pray your son can stay strong too. It’s good to hear your mother is responding well to her treatment!

  4. PS, did I read it right that you and your son both attended the same college? …and he’s only thirteen?

    • Yes. The minimum age is 13 years old to attend college here in AZ. He’s currently enrolled in pre-calculus this spring semester, but he’s been practicing calculus with me when I do my homework for calc I and II.

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