Email and file server is down

My server account got suspended cause I didn’t pay the bill. Hopefully I can get it back online in the next few days.

I’ve been messing with PCE hardware this weekend. Also looking over what projects are due, what needs attention, and what is going to be put on the back burner (for time resource reasons).

That and just some gaming on the SGX+SCD. I was playing SMB (nes2pce) and realized I could optimized some of the nes2pce PPU emulation code. Anytime the cpu writes to vram, the internal emulation code has to do all these checks to make sure it’s transferring data to the right area (and how to interpret that data). I needed this because I found games could just load PPU tile, sprite, and tilemap stuffs all in one shot.

Of course this slows things down having to do all these checks. Sometimes it puts what would normally be the cpu in vblank time, into the start of active display. I figured one way to speed this up, is to have dedicated $2007 write functions. NES games tend to setup strings of data into a buffer to be updated during vblank (because game logic is processed during active display). This means it’s very rare that a string of data will cross a tile bank into a nametable area, etc. So for those areas of code, I could potentially use the faster and specific $2007 write functions.

Nes2pce code was never meant as general emulation for NES games to run on the PCE. It was to get the game up and running close as possible, to help the transition of replacing the original NES sprite and map routines into native PCE stuffs. Though none of the nes2pce stuffs I’ve released have these changes.

Ideally, the sprite and map routines should be hacked for direct PCE writes, by passing some of the PPU emulation. So the optimization I listed it kind of counter intuitive to the goal of nes2pce. But I just don’t have the time to alter each game for these kinds of changes. I used to have that kind of time, but I squandered it :/ Eventually, I will have that kind of time again – but will people really care about nes stuffs on PCE by then? One example is Dragon Warrior. It’s the first RPG I’ve ever played, so I have nostalgia for it. I’ve already hacked the map routines somewhat. The game is simple enough to keep modifying. But should I really put my time into it? This is the dilemma I’m faced with nes2pce.

Anyway, just thinking out loud.


8 Responses to “Email and file server is down”

  1. Well bud, as you know, I’m writing a game on PCE, and as I learn about your involvement with NES2PCE — I think “wow this guy surely has all the keys in the relationship between NES and PCE. I bet if I could talk to him about it, I could learn about going the other way around and porting my PCE game to NES.” Of course, as possible as that is — I’m also very overwhelmed with the notion since I still have a LONG way to go just to finish my original ideas!!! I intend on going much farther than a mere PCE game (not to put it down).. But it’s a secret!

  2. Paranoia Dragon Says:

    The way you feel about Dragon Warrior is the way I feel about Mega Man. If you have things you want to do to it to perfect it, then it would seem like it’s time well spent. However, obviously if it gets in the way of RL(which is the main reason Mega Man is taking me so long) then it’s good to slow things down, but still work on it when possible. I still plan on working on Jackal’s redbook tunes after Mega Man, but I still plan on continuing my DW tunes at some point. I just didn’t grow up with DW, so I’m not as excited about it like MM or Jackal!

  3. Well, I sure would LOVE to play Dragon Warrior on the PC engine, heck, I’d volunteer to remake the entire soundtrack in wavetables for it! And maybe even help with the graphics of it in any way possible! (But it looks like somebody is already doing that in Redbook audio… Oh well)

    • Well, I could use help with a PSG soundtrack. I like the idea of both (Red book and chiptune options).

      • So what if I sent you .hes files of the Dragon Warrior OST re-arranged in Deflemask? Would you use them in your port? (Sorry for the late reply)

      • I would need the source code that Deflemask uses for the HES player. If not, I could reverse engineer it, but that would take time – but do able. Deflemask hes output isn’t designed for games, so it’s possible that it might not be practical to use it as is. That isn’t to say the songs in deflemask aren’t usable as for games and such, it depends on the output method. If it’s VGM style, and relies on timing that isn’t 1/60 based – then it’s not optimal for games.

        I have two music engines up and ready to go. Either could be modified to add support for whatever features. It would probably just be easier to convert the music to that.

      • Well, I’m currently working on overture (almost done on that one) and People (which is gonna take a while) they’re both based on the Super Famicom versions…
        So do I send them in .hes or any other format? I could send more than one if you need, even the deflemask module itself containing the song…
        Oh and I’m not gonna use any samples for this OST, only regular wavetables.

      • Hmm. That might work. Samples complicates things with deflemask and the player it puts out for hes files.

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