Email and server is back up..

I’m currently reconciling all the stuff between my laptop and new desktop setup. I don’t think my laptop is going to survive much longer.

SamIam and I talked about the possibility of a dub for Spriggan Mark 2. That’s all I’ll mention at the moment on that.

I finished my final for one my classes, so things I’ve got more free time, which is one of the reasons why I’m setting up my desktop system; pce dev stuffs. In an attempt to get more organized, I’m going through and trying to make a list of all the wonderful things and possibilities of PCE stuffs that I want to do. I have a terrible time trying to keep track of all these things, so I need to organize them into a system. I tend to forget about things. It’s not that I lose interest, but I forget and pick up other interesting stuffs.

Anyway, just an update. Also, if you come across anything that appears damaged (file wise) for my links, let me know.


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