VDMA tests

Ok, so I confirmed what others have tested: vdma is somewhere between 81-85 WORDs per scanline in 5.37mhz mode. So in 10.74mhz mode, that’s 330+ bytes per scanline. The more you clipped active display, the more bandwidth you get for vdma. I did a 209 line display and was able to transfer 17.6+ kbytes during vblank. This is perfect for the bitmap mode and all that I’ve talked about in that regards (free buffer clear, free transfer for double buffer system, etc).

One Response to “VDMA tests”

  1. TOUKO:
    Yes and imagine with SGX, 34ko with 2 VDMA at same time 😉
    The bad think,is we cannot transfert between the two VDC with VDMA 😦

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