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Summer update

Posted in homebrew, Megaman, NES2PCE, translations on July 6, 2014 by pcedev

Lost my place (last minute notice, didn’t have a contract); everything got moved to storage or thrown away (tower is in storage). I’m also away/out of town for the summer, so things are slow and limited on the PCE side (this is the time of year I make my money). I have my laptop to do some dev stuff on, but no translations or megaman hacking stuffs. My classes started late August, so when things get settled down – I can started working on stuff again. I swear to whoever – life is never a dull moment for long.. ugh.

I want to keep my PCE coding skills sharp and in practice, so I’m gonna do a tiny little project with CC65 for PCE. A one level/simple game or something. Mostly to get a CC65 setup for PCE, etc.

Spriggan Mark 2 first draft teaser

Posted in retro, shmup, translations on April 12, 2014 by pcedev

Translation is entering into the final phase (draft revisions and such). Dubbing should start soon.

On a side note:
This game was re-released for Wii virtual console in Japan, so I’m assuming some active company still holds the rights for this game. If anyone has experience with contacting companies (particularly Japanese companies) and negotiating licenses, please shoot me an email. I wouldn’t mind making this official, if the cost of the license is reasonable (or however that works).

Spriggan Mark 2 – the french translation/dub

Posted in translations with tags , on March 26, 2014 by pcedev

France has a pretty decent sized and active PCE scene. I was wondering if anyone in the French PCE community would be interested in doing a French translation *and* dub, of Spriggan Mark 2? I have the original Japanese script ripped from the game (best to do Japanese->French, instead of Japanese->English->French. Although the English translation could be used as a guide). Serious inquiries only; because I’m not making my tools and scripts available to the public. I can work with you as well, if you need support on this project.

Spriggan Mark 2 English translation/dub

Posted in translations with tags , , , , on March 24, 2014 by pcedev

Got the day off, today.

Burnt Lasagna’s been waiting on SamIam and me, for the final revision of the script. While he has all the ADPCM ripped from the game, obviously he needs something to give the voice actors. SamIam has been pretty busy from what he’s posted, and so have I. But it seems both of us have a little bit of free time in the next two weeks.

I have a few formatting errors that I need to fix on my end, nothing really holding back BL and Sam – but stage 5 script is larger than the original and is the primary problem. I have an old compression scheme in place in the game, just for this kind of scenario – but my code is soooo old that I have to re-understand it/RE it. I wrote all this print routine and such, back in 2007 (VWF routine and compression scheme).

So anyway, hopefully we can get all stuff done for BL to do the audio dub right away. My stuff is fairly easy, and Sam just needs to review the script in game for the final adjustments.

If everything goes as planned, this will be the third translated and English dubbed game for the PCE CD.

Spriggan Mark 2

Posted in Audio, translations with tags , , , , , , , on January 29, 2014 by pcedev

Got in contact with Burnt Lasagna, who did the dubbing for Ys IV English version and also Dracula X:Rondo English dub/translation project. SamIam did the translation of the game for me, as well as translate all the cinema dialog. I just posted all the ADPCM offsets from the script, so hopefully we’ll see an English dub of this translation project. I have one small snag that I need to fix in the game; one of the levels has the translated script to big to fit back in; I need to compress it.

Also gonna need a translation of the manual as well, and some one with some good photoshop skills. Hmm, maybe I should open a RHDN page for this.

If you don’t know, it’s SM2 is like Target Earth or Cybernator – but in a horizontal shmup format. There’s story dialog in game (like an RPG), as well as cinemas in between the stages. It’s definitely an under rated/appreciated game.


Posted in Audio, Megaman, music, NES2PCE, translations, Uncategorized, WIP Game 2012 on May 12, 2013 by pcedev

Welp, seems like my idea of raising money for the summer off to just code, code, code… probably isn’t going to happen. Too short of a notice and not really anything to show for it. I’m still gonna do an Indiegogo project for this, but I’ll also setup a straight paypal donation button for people that don’t care for such fund raising sites (they take a small cut). I’m gonna dedicate as much of free time for this summer into getting two projects completed.

Yes, two projects. I’m completely dead set on doing a Megaman clone, but I’m also gonna do a shmup. Why a shmup? Well, I just looked over my engine that I was working on last summer and realized that it’s quite far along. It would be a shame just to abandon it. So, I’m gonna work on both for now. The shmup will be a pretty short game. Probably something that I can show off, for the fund raising and such. I’ll probably make it free download, but if I have some time I’ll do a hucard release (yeah, I’m still working with plastic injection molding for a hucard project) to help raise some funds; they’ll be made by hand and so they won’t be cheap. Just a limited run for people that want something like that.

So yeah, Megaman clone is the primary project. I think, because I’m not gonna set September as the deadline, I’m gonna bring on some other artists as I progress much further along. For the shmup, I’ll most likely just do the graphics myself; tribute style graphics/music/etc.

Free time is pretty minimal right now – working my ass off. I borrowed $1200 to pay rent, so I need to work some crazy hours to pay that off and restore my short term savings. I wish I had a stable job and not this under-the-table-iffy-might-have-work… work. Tucson was hit hard by the recession and is slow to recover, on top of the already normally lower pay scale for city compared to Phoenix/Metro. Sometimes I really hate this town – hah! But I digress…

I’m not dead (yet)

Posted in Audio, Megaman, music, NES2PCE, translations, Uncategorized, WIP Game 2012 on April 7, 2013 by pcedev

Just wanted to post an update… I’m not dead; just sleeping. PCE dev has dominated my life over the past 6 years or more, so I’ve taken a break.. so to speak. I don’t think I know any of you guys in real life, but my life exists in so many areas outside of coding. I have a lot of hobbies and I’ve kind of neglected them over the years in favor of the PCE. I’m a gear head; I’ve rebuild classic v8 engines from the ground up, studied the engineering aspects of how engines work (instead of just buying upgrades and throwing them at the engine, blindy). I’m a writer.. of sorts (prose, creative writing, etc). I’m a artist (I guess, I hate labels); I draw/sketch, paint (oil on canvas), paint giant silhouette graphics on walls (free hand. What I’ve been doing the past 3 years), etc. I work with film/video production (most of my friends in real life are in this field); I’ve been planning on doing a short film of my own this spring/summer. I read a lot (junk/fantasy/horror/etc). And so much more.

Anyway, the point is: I’ve been neglecting other things in life. I’m getting older. I’m realizing that I need to do the things I love.. now. Meet new people, socialize more, and get out more (like my younger days). Before it’s too late. I’m not gonna quit the PCE scene, but I am taking a break. I glance at PCFX forums once in a while and I’m pretty happy to see the dev scene is still kicking along/hasn’t declined. It’s nice to peek in and see new stuffs (just recently looked over at the forums today).

And I’m not dead yet, but there have been some close calls ;>_> I got a sports bike (2007 ninja), so yeah. The gear head in me loves this (I’ve already torn down the bike and put it back together, readjusted the valves, put on a new exhaust, modded the carb, modded the fairings/exterior/lights, will be cutting and welding the back of the frame soon myself.. I’ve done some welding before), and of course riding is awesome :3 I love racing her around curvey roads and dips.

Last summer, I had planned on having a new homebrew game released by now. That didn’t happen. But I still love the PCE and still love doing dev stuff for it. And I still plan on producing stuff for it, too. Just not.. yet. PCE dev pretty much draws me in and I neglect other interests. So that’s why I’ve been keeping a distance, instead of just some slow/trickle PCE work. Apologies to anyone that’s been waiting on anything that’s unfinished and such. I know people, as well as their projects, just tend to drop of the face of the internet/community/etc. Just wanted to say, I haven’t walked away.

If all goes as planned, I’ll be starting school this fall. I would have started last fall, but old student loans were in default and I couldn’t get any financial aid until I got them out of default. It really pissed me off, but I’m pretty sure I got things in order now. The plan is to major in Computer Engineering. I figured that was the safest bet (the subject isn’t foreign to me) and I can always fall back on a programming job if CE doesn’t work out (I read that quite a few people end up in just programming jobs after getting their CE. So it seems a better choice than CS to me; at least I’ll have more options or a fall back option). One of the other reasons why I bought a motorcycle; keep expenses down (60mpg, $90 insurance for the year).

Old Rover: Hey, I got my copy of the game. Thanks!! 😀