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Current 6-18-2013

Posted in Megaman, WIP Game 2012, WIP GAME 2013 on June 18, 2013 by pcedev

Haven’t had much of any time to work on MM clone. Been super busy with work, and I don’t foresee it slowing down anytime soon. So, I highly doubt this game is going to get done by September at this rate. But this hasn’t come as a surprise to me; I knew that if I didn’t get the funding to spend the summer coding this, that it wouldn’t be done at all. It’s not uncommon for me to work 11-12 hours days, 7 days a week, during the summer. That’s how it’s been the past 5 years, this summer will be no different.

But I got some free time yesterday and today. Spent some time working on the MM game engine. I ended up scraping a lot of the shmup engine, as it was too much to modify for this style of game. I rewrote the player to map collision routine today, among other things (new map routine). I think I have only 8 hour days for the rest of this week, so I can work on it some more (and the weekend off, imagine that). It’s funny how 8 hour days feels like half days, in comparison to 12 hours days. It ain’t nuttin’.

I haven’t added screen scrolling yet, as I want to get a large majority of the main character code written first (different action and states the character can/will be in). Also, I think I’m gonna letter box this game. On the sides, so 240 horizontal pixels instead of 256. It’s needed for larger than screen sprite objects or fake scroll/plane layers that are wider than the screen (I need to clip to hide the pop in).


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Finally got a day off, let alone some time off. Things should be easing up soon (in two weeks or so), but until then I need to get as many hours as possible (currently working 60+ hours a week). I’m working on the Megaman map and collision engine. While I already have one for the shooter, it’s strictly 8×8 based (with optimization for 8×8 detection). I want to use 16×16 meta tiles for the MM clone game. So while I tend to use Mappy and my own specialized converter to bring it over to PCE (it also handles embedded subpalette data in the Mappy tiles too), I need to some functionality for 16×16 meta tiles. Almost done with that, this morning. I’ll eventually write my own map tool strictly for PCE (I already have the framework for it done and with my own internal GUI codeset), but I need something quick for now. Hence modifying my FMP2PCE tool.

“FMP to PCE map converter. Ver 1.0.1”);
“\n -Usage: fmp2pce -option “);
“\n -o is the subpalette offset for the tilemap. 1 digit hex.”);
“\n -l Length of output palette block (n*16). 1 digit hex.”);
“\n -p Include an external palette to use instead of the FMP pal.”);
“\n -v Tile offset in vram (kWORDs). 3 digit hex. Default is 100h”);
“\n -s Output the tile map in vertical strips instead of horizontal.”);
“\n -x1 Clip map: horiztonal start position. Value must be a 4digit hex.”);
“\n -y1 Clip map: vertical start position. Value must be a 4digit hex.”);
“\n -x2 Clip map: horiztonal end position. Value must be a 4digit hex.”);
“\n -y2 Clip map: vertical end position. Value must be a 4digit hex.”);

Any colors (in palettized mode) above 16 are interpreted as belonging to subpalettes. I.e. colors 0-15 are first subpalette, colors 16-31 are second subpalette, etc. I have other support tools that will embedded the subpalette data into the colors for a tileset, for use in mappy or anything else. I actually have quite a bit of tools developed, all around this sort of thing. I just need to combined them all into a single GUI based app… some point later on.

Anyway, got the whole day dedicated to working on ‘WIP Game 2013’.

Oh, I almost forgot. Last year, I made an aluminum hucard (dubbed Alu-card). It was machined manually (my brother has a small hobbyist machine shop). Well, I got to talking with my brother about all things machining and aluminum, and I’ve come up with the idea of anodizing the cards and spraying the tip of the card with with matching paint (real 3 part auto paint or real auto clear) to make the cards usable. It won’t be cheap and they are more for collecting than anything else, but they will be functional. I was thinking of making a limited edition set and sell them off to raise funds for these two games. I’ll have more details on this later, but the price will be pretty damn high. But, if no one ends up buying them – then I’ll put them into a raffle system for the pre-order phase (pre-order the game, get a chance at these cards).


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Welp, seems like my idea of raising money for the summer off to just code, code, code… probably isn’t going to happen. Too short of a notice and not really anything to show for it. I’m still gonna do an Indiegogo project for this, but I’ll also setup a straight paypal donation button for people that don’t care for such fund raising sites (they take a small cut). I’m gonna dedicate as much of free time for this summer into getting two projects completed.

Yes, two projects. I’m completely dead set on doing a Megaman clone, but I’m also gonna do a shmup. Why a shmup? Well, I just looked over my engine that I was working on last summer and realized that it’s quite far along. It would be a shame just to abandon it. So, I’m gonna work on both for now. The shmup will be a pretty short game. Probably something that I can show off, for the fund raising and such. I’ll probably make it free download, but if I have some time I’ll do a hucard release (yeah, I’m still working with plastic injection molding for a hucard project) to help raise some funds; they’ll be made by hand and so they won’t be cheap. Just a limited run for people that want something like that.

So yeah, Megaman clone is the primary project. I think, because I’m not gonna set September as the deadline, I’m gonna bring on some other artists as I progress much further along. For the shmup, I’ll most likely just do the graphics myself; tribute style graphics/music/etc.

Free time is pretty minimal right now – working my ass off. I borrowed $1200 to pay rent, so I need to work some crazy hours to pay that off and restore my short term savings. I wish I had a stable job and not this under-the-table-iffy-might-have-work… work. Tucson was hit hard by the recession and is slow to recover, on top of the already normally lower pay scale for city compared to Phoenix/Metro. Sometimes I really hate this town – hah! But I digress…

Home brew

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I’ve been playing some new generation games lately. This isn’t something I’ve really done in quite some time. I just couldn’t get into much of the newer generation games, even though I own a capable PC, a 360, and a somewhat capable gaming laptop. That dry spell ended with a new game; Tomb Raider. The new Tomb Raider was awesome! Now, I wasn’t much of a fan of the original series and I had no intentions of playing this one, but my oldest son had picked it up for PC and so I thought why not give it a try. Wow, I never played a new gen game that was sooo much fun. And I actually finished the game at 83% (I did as much of the side quests as possible). So, with riding on the tails of that good feeling, I decided to try out some other games that I had missed. Enter the Dead Space series. The first two were pretty cheap and so I picked them up for PC for $8 as a combo deal. I played and beat them all, back to back (bought the third one last). All of the games in the series as slightly different from each other, that it didn’t feel repetitive or redundant playing them back to back. I love them all, for different reasons. Such a great story and I can’t really think of a better medium than games, to tell this story. A movie wouldn’t cut it, nor would a book. A movie would retain the fear/panic/anxiety of the story, but lose ~everything~ else. A book would retain the pacing, mystery, and character development – but wouldn’t be able to deliver the accelerated fear/panic/anxiety parts of the story (I read a lot of fiction, books just can’t deliver ~that~ kind of adrenaline and anxiety. They can produce a similar type of feeling, but in a different way). A series would come closest, but without that type of interaction that a game involves, such frenzied parts of the story would just saturate after a while (like the Walking Dead series has become). Games are a wonderful medium to tell a story, and to immerse a person into that story.

So now that I’m finished with the Dead Space series, I’ve been thinking a lot about what game I want to develop for the PCE/TG16. No, I’m not interested in doing a horror/survival game, but definitely something with exploration, key items, upgrades, and whatnot. I had originally wanted to do a shmup and already have a working engine in progress, but now I’m really wanting to do a Megaman style game; old school megaman but with some more exploration and back tracking (a little bit of metroidvania-ish), as well as some unlockable stuff and side missions. If I had three full months to work on this, and I mean treat it as a full time job (10 hours a day), I could get this done. The problem then becomes, how do I support myself for such a production? I don’t come from money, nor do I have any (I’m fairly broke; hence the whole going back to school thing). Well, I was talking with my friends the other week (they each do their own indie movie production) and the topic of Kickstarter came up. I’m not sure how that would apply to a console only game, let alone one for a system that’s not exactly as populated with retro gamer fans like the SNES and Genesis (or even the PSX or Saturn). I’m gonna give it a try, but I don’t realistically expect it to come to fruition – but that won’t stop me from trying. I figured an added bonus that might help me, is that I can do a simultaneous port to the PC at the same time for something like Steam. Though the primary target system and production cycle would be PCE/TG (3 months). I figured I’d need to raise $6k to cover my living expenses and cost of CD production for the first run. In the realm of Kickstarter, that isn’t much at all, but in the realm of PCE community (even world wide) – that would be quite a feat. Especially since I haven’t actually put out a game on a console previously, regardless of how well I might be known or what I’m capable of. Still, I’m gonna go for it.

Any ideas? Advice? Help? I figured I should outline the game story, concept, direction, etc. A plan of action so people can see where I’m going with this. I do have one other person to help with this (a few friends that I can rely on for art direction and music, here in town). I figured since it’s a CD project, I can keep the cost of the game down lower than for cart. Something like ~$30 shipped. I’d love to do a hucard release, but that seems a little ambitious for such an up front cost of producing the physical medium and the purchase cost of the game would be higher as well (probably double). Please, I’d like some feedback ( both positive and negative).

I’m not dead (yet)

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Just wanted to post an update… I’m not dead; just sleeping. PCE dev has dominated my life over the past 6 years or more, so I’ve taken a break.. so to speak. I don’t think I know any of you guys in real life, but my life exists in so many areas outside of coding. I have a lot of hobbies and I’ve kind of neglected them over the years in favor of the PCE. I’m a gear head; I’ve rebuild classic v8 engines from the ground up, studied the engineering aspects of how engines work (instead of just buying upgrades and throwing them at the engine, blindy). I’m a writer.. of sorts (prose, creative writing, etc). I’m a artist (I guess, I hate labels); I draw/sketch, paint (oil on canvas), paint giant silhouette graphics on walls (free hand. What I’ve been doing the past 3 years), etc. I work with film/video production (most of my friends in real life are in this field); I’ve been planning on doing a short film of my own this spring/summer. I read a lot (junk/fantasy/horror/etc). And so much more.

Anyway, the point is: I’ve been neglecting other things in life. I’m getting older. I’m realizing that I need to do the things I love.. now. Meet new people, socialize more, and get out more (like my younger days). Before it’s too late. I’m not gonna quit the PCE scene, but I am taking a break. I glance at PCFX forums once in a while and I’m pretty happy to see the dev scene is still kicking along/hasn’t declined. It’s nice to peek in and see new stuffs (just recently looked over at the forums today).

And I’m not dead yet, but there have been some close calls ;>_> I got a sports bike (2007 ninja), so yeah. The gear head in me loves this (I’ve already torn down the bike and put it back together, readjusted the valves, put on a new exhaust, modded the carb, modded the fairings/exterior/lights, will be cutting and welding the back of the frame soon myself.. I’ve done some welding before), and of course riding is awesome :3 I love racing her around curvey roads and dips.

Last summer, I had planned on having a new homebrew game released by now. That didn’t happen. But I still love the PCE and still love doing dev stuff for it. And I still plan on producing stuff for it, too. Just not.. yet. PCE dev pretty much draws me in and I neglect other interests. So that’s why I’ve been keeping a distance, instead of just some slow/trickle PCE work. Apologies to anyone that’s been waiting on anything that’s unfinished and such. I know people, as well as their projects, just tend to drop of the face of the internet/community/etc. Just wanted to say, I haven’t walked away.

If all goes as planned, I’ll be starting school this fall. I would have started last fall, but old student loans were in default and I couldn’t get any financial aid until I got them out of default. It really pissed me off, but I’m pretty sure I got things in order now. The plan is to major in Computer Engineering. I figured that was the safest bet (the subject isn’t foreign to me) and I can always fall back on a programming job if CE doesn’t work out (I read that quite a few people end up in just programming jobs after getting their CE. So it seems a better choice than CS to me; at least I’ll have more options or a fall back option). One of the other reasons why I bought a motorcycle; keep expenses down (60mpg, $90 insurance for the year).

Old Rover: Hey, I got my copy of the game. Thanks!! 😀

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So, main object/ship to collision map is working and done. Just finished the player projectiles (bullets) to map collision; removes bullets from the projectile queue when it hits a surface/collision tile. Moving on, now it’s time to work on the dynamic object creation/deletion code for the script handler. Just a little more functionality and I should be able to do a real test stage/level to show off in video (albeit simple). Also, still haven’t figured out what to do with replacing the R-Type 2 assets. I rather code than worry about it for now, so I might end up demoing (video) it with them. Lame, I know. But whatever.

On a side note, been thinking about ideas for the weapon system design. I’d like to pack as much bullets, action, explosions, and enemies on screen at once without flicker (don’t we all). The weapon, or rather projectiles and pods/options, play a big factor into this. It would definitely be easier to do a vertical shmup than a hori one, but maybe next game 😉 Anyway, it can be tricky choosing the right kind of weapons that look great and minimize sprite count, but look completely natural to the game design. I’m not in that part of the game development stage yet (least coding, almost all design/tweaking work), but I’m keeping things in mind as I go. Obviously graphic FX as well.


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Damn… stupid bugs. What should have taken just an afternoon, took like 3 days to sort out. All because I got sloppy with naming rules between macros (names for the script functions), the related function in the list, and the var associated with the function. All too close in label name (actually just a difference of capital letters at the tail end). Dammit. Anyway, object to collision map and detection logic is working great now (for the main ship). Need to apply it to the ships bullets and just objects in general that get put into the collision list. Then I can move on to object-to-object collision routine.