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Current 6-18-2013

Posted in Megaman, WIP Game 2012, WIP GAME 2013 on June 18, 2013 by pcedev

Haven’t had much of any time to work on MM clone. Been super busy with work, and I don’t foresee it slowing down anytime soon. So, I highly doubt this game is going to get done by September at this rate. But this hasn’t come as a surprise to me; I knew that if I didn’t get the funding to spend the summer coding this, that it wouldn’t be done at all. It’s not uncommon for me to work 11-12 hours days, 7 days a week, during the summer. That’s how it’s been the past 5 years, this summer will be no different.

But I got some free time yesterday and today. Spent some time working on the MM game engine. I ended up scraping a lot of the shmup engine, as it was too much to modify for this style of game. I rewrote the player to map collision routine today, among other things (new map routine). I think I have only 8 hour days for the rest of this week, so I can work on it some more (and the weekend off, imagine that). It’s funny how 8 hour days feels like half days, in comparison to 12 hours days. It ain’t nuttin’.

I haven’t added screen scrolling yet, as I want to get a large majority of the main character code written first (different action and states the character can/will be in). Also, I think I’m gonna letter box this game. On the sides, so 240 horizontal pixels instead of 256. It’s needed for larger than screen sprite objects or fake scroll/plane layers that are wider than the screen (I need to clip to hide the pop in).


Posted in Megaman, PCE PC tools, WIP Game 2012, WIP GAME 2013 on May 19, 2013 by pcedev

Finally got a day off, let alone some time off. Things should be easing up soon (in two weeks or so), but until then I need to get as many hours as possible (currently working 60+ hours a week). I’m working on the Megaman map and collision engine. While I already have one for the shooter, it’s strictly 8×8 based (with optimization for 8×8 detection). I want to use 16×16 meta tiles for the MM clone game. So while I tend to use Mappy and my own specialized converter to bring it over to PCE (it also handles embedded subpalette data in the Mappy tiles too), I need to some functionality for 16×16 meta tiles. Almost done with that, this morning. I’ll eventually write my own map tool strictly for PCE (I already have the framework for it done and with my own internal GUI codeset), but I need something quick for now. Hence modifying my FMP2PCE tool.

“FMP to PCE map converter. Ver 1.0.1”);
“\n -Usage: fmp2pce -option “);
“\n -o is the subpalette offset for the tilemap. 1 digit hex.”);
“\n -l Length of output palette block (n*16). 1 digit hex.”);
“\n -p Include an external palette to use instead of the FMP pal.”);
“\n -v Tile offset in vram (kWORDs). 3 digit hex. Default is 100h”);
“\n -s Output the tile map in vertical strips instead of horizontal.”);
“\n -x1 Clip map: horiztonal start position. Value must be a 4digit hex.”);
“\n -y1 Clip map: vertical start position. Value must be a 4digit hex.”);
“\n -x2 Clip map: horiztonal end position. Value must be a 4digit hex.”);
“\n -y2 Clip map: vertical end position. Value must be a 4digit hex.”);

Any colors (in palettized mode) above 16 are interpreted as belonging to subpalettes. I.e. colors 0-15 are first subpalette, colors 16-31 are second subpalette, etc. I have other support tools that will embedded the subpalette data into the colors for a tileset, for use in mappy or anything else. I actually have quite a bit of tools developed, all around this sort of thing. I just need to combined them all into a single GUI based app… some point later on.

Anyway, got the whole day dedicated to working on ‘WIP Game 2013’.

Oh, I almost forgot. Last year, I made an aluminum hucard (dubbed Alu-card). It was machined manually (my brother has a small hobbyist machine shop). Well, I got to talking with my brother about all things machining and aluminum, and I’ve come up with the idea of anodizing the cards and spraying the tip of the card with with matching paint (real 3 part auto paint or real auto clear) to make the cards usable. It won’t be cheap and they are more for collecting than anything else, but they will be functional. I was thinking of making a limited edition set and sell them off to raise funds for these two games. I’ll have more details on this later, but the price will be pretty damn high. But, if no one ends up buying them – then I’ll put them into a raffle system for the pre-order phase (pre-order the game, get a chance at these cards).