Moved in

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I got my new place and starting moving stuff out of storage. PCE and SGX+SCD are setup. Just need to setup my dev PC.


PCE Chiptunes

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Check out the other videos (more PCE chiptunes).

Reporting in…

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Wow, it’s been a crazy year for me. I apologize for the lack of updates, but one of the keys to a successful semester is for me to remove all distractions. I have a 4.0 for these past three semesters (took a full summer semester; that nearly kicked my arse!) and have worked hard to achieve that GPA. Anyway, I’m just trying to catch up to see what’s happening in the scene and such. I’ve read the comments you guys have posted over the past few months (and approved them) – thanks! If you’ve been approved once, to have your comment show up, then you can post as many as you like without having to have them approved each time afterwards.

My Mom is doing a lot better now – the medication is working (though she has to take it for the rest of her life). She’s feeling sooo much better too. My older son had some serious trouble this past year and had to be hospitalized. He’s been diagnosed with crohn’s disease, which basically is where your own body/immune system attacks your digestive track/intestines. They became so inflamed that they weren’t pulling any nutrients/calories from his food; he was basically starving to death. He lost 60lbs, and all his blood work was dangerously off (had to be hospitalized), and could barely stand or walk. They were going to do surgery (to remove parts of his intestines), but the medication they have him on is currently working and he’s starting to gain back the weight (as of this past month). If you’re a parent, then I don’t need to begin to explain how it feels to watch your child go through this (he’s 19 year old, but he’s still my child). Once he gets his health back up, I’m gonna try to convince him to start on his computer science degree.

My younger son, 13 years old, just finished his first college class. He met the legal age for community college and so for his birthday I paid for him to take a math course over the summer at the same campus I’m attending. He just completed 7th grade, and he amazingly passed all the assessment tests into college level reading, writing, and math. He’s never had an algebra class, but I’ve taught him algebra stuffs since he was little. He tested right under college algebra, and so he took an Algebra-II class and passed it with an A; his first college class. If he took one math class each semester in college while attending regular school, he’d be done with all three calculus classes (Calc I, II, III) by the time he starts his 2nd year in high school. Crazy. I took trig this summer so I can start calc this fall, and so he learned a little trig this summer too. He definitely has a brain for math – lol.

Life sure is a roller coaster. And the best you can do, sometimes, is just hold on as tight as you can. Anyway, I have 20 days of “vacation” from school this August, so I need to catch up on some PCE related stuffs.


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This year has been off to a terrible start. My financial aid got suspended (something stupid that only community colleges are subject to), and I had to appeal it. On top of that, they decided to add a 2 week delay to all financial aid. I almost became homeless as a result (I couldn’t find a place to rent either). On top of that, my mother found out in mid January that she has leukemia. She was given a months worth of trial chemo pills, which are normally $10,000 a month. She was waiting to hear back on an application to get it at a reduced price. She ran out of medication waiting for this application to go through. This past week they finally approved the application. Things have been really stressful. All three problems have now been resolved, but man… what a shitty start to a new year. I’m hoping to regain some measure of focus and order in my life now. Whew. When it rains, it pours? Maybe.

Update: November

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I’ve completely underestimated college. I’ve got some free time from one class finished up, but I’ve since filled that with work (trying to save cash like crazy). I’ve ran some numbers and at the going rate, I won’t have enough loan money and financial aid/grants to finish getting my degree (and I qualify for the max amount). I’ll run out around the last year or so. Working federal study (20 hours a week) only provides minimum wage and I’ve included that into the numbers and analysis as well. This means I need to maintain a highest GPA possible to hopefully qualify for yearly scholarships. Pima College (state community college) is only $1,700 year for 28 credits, but the U of A, where I plan to get my undergrad in Computer Science, is $11,000 a year. Neither of those numbers include books or obviously cost of living. On top of that, all math classes (Calc I,II,III, Linear Alg, Diff Equ) and *any* supporting science class all ~need~ to be have a ‘B’ or higher in grade completion, else I won’t be accepted in the last major part of the program; they aren’t messing around ;>_> That was an eye opener.

Anyway, point being – I won’t have as much free time as I would like or had originally thought. That doesn’t mean I plan to abandon PCE coding (I’m not), but my progress in college is the highest priority, and the free time I do get for do PCE stuff – will be highly selective. That means those projects that I have on going, like nes2pce stuff, will probably not see much action or attention (if any). I have winter break coming up, and I have summer break later on. Those are the times where I’ll probably be the most productive. Looking back now, I’ve clearly wasted time that could have easily been put to PCE stuffs. But hindsight is 20/20, as they say…


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Not dead, not dead. This is my first semester, so it’s taking quite a bit to get used to being efficient with my time (studying/homework/etc). That, and I took accelerated Spanish. I will NOT make that mistake again. That Spanish class is actually eating most of my time (too much to remember and learn in a short period of time), but it ends early – medio octubre. Should have more free time then. I’m gonna continue taking Spanish as far as it will go. I’m hoping to get a grant to study abroad when I transfer to a larger university. Voy a viajar a España! También, a mí me gusta mucha la PC-Engine. And some Latin American countries too.

But yeah, Black Tiger is working out some ideas for the story for the game project. Things will be slow, for a little bit – but should pick up in October. And full force for winter break.


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I added some more functionality to the queue processor. I ran into a bug that would add a process, and reorder the queue – but it was called inside another running process. This caused and infinite loop. Now, I added a process manager at the end of the queue. You push a process request on the process manager queue, and it’ll perform the actions needed, outside the queue itself.

For instance, in-game (player) controls is a process in the queue. It runs when in game engine is running (there are other control/input processes for different ‘windows’ or other parts of the game). The process reads the input of the buttons. For certain button action, a new process might be pushed onto the queue. Processes can remove themselves, and they do. If the player pushes a certain direction, and a screen edge, or stairs, etc is encountered – it’ll call a scroll or warp process as needed.

I do the same for action events. I’m implementing the basic attack process this week. The button detection logic ran inside the game control process. It would push the attack process into the queue, but I did this with a priority level request (rather than just anywhere in the queue). This just happened to be above the current process (game controls). Causing the game controls process to be re-run on the exit of that process. No good. Instead, and much better design, I implemented at request system that happens outside the queue. Much safer.

Now back to working on attack code..