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Posted in homebrew with tags on August 20, 2014 by pcedev

Object-to-object collision is working. So all enemies move around the map, obey map collision, player obeys map collision, enemies coming in contact with player bounding box detected.

It’s almost a real game engine. Right now, the player and enemies move on a 16×16 pixel grid movement. When you press a direction, the player moves for 16 pixels in that direction. It’s quick. It doesn’t sound quite right for an action game, but Arkista’s Ring got away with it so I figured I could as well – for a mini game.

But I’m rethinking that approach. I might change it to 8×8 or 2×2. Something smaller than 16×16. I’ll have to change the map collision routines for the player, but that’s not hard. Object/Object collision works on a pixel basis, so that has no effect on the map/player movement.

Next is to add projectiles (and protruding weapons/swords/etc), to the object handing queue.