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Show off new sprites for Cutman’s level:

Can’t really see much, but each sprite has its own subpalette. I think I reserved something like 10 per room, for enemies. Most sprites use all 15 colors, though it doesn’t really show. In comparison, MM Wily Wars uses 7/8 colors per enemy sprite. Fragmare’s working on tweaking the MM sprites.

So nothing fancy to show off, other than it’s up and working (room sprite/pal load routine).


Megaman CD 1.01

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Some new goodies in there (read the video description). Upload is taking a while, but will be available in the Download and Links section, once it has finished.

Edit: Game is now uploaded.

MM: main sprite work

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I redid the meta-tile hacking for all of Megaman’s sprite frames. I gave a special character (used an invalid value for the game) to the original meta-tile definitions and a hook to look for this. Now the game gets all the X/Y offsets from my 3 tables instead of trying to modify the games (in which enemy characters share). It greatly helped in fine tuning all the offsets of the frames too (saved me a lot of time). So, I think I can call the main character sprite work finished. Time to work on the bosses next, as they use some of the original main character sprite cells (cutman uses MM’s legs for the running frame).