Donation Page

If doesn’t matter how much. If you liked one the projects or docs or whatever,  and what send over a donation as a gesture/token of appreciation, here’s the place for that info. Could be something as simple as; here – have a drink on me ($1). Or here’s lunch ($5). I dunno. Or here’s $50 cause you’re awesome. Whatever. You don’t have to donate anything, and nor would I hold that against anyone for not doing so. It just an act of appreciation/thanks. I’ve done it myself, multiple times with emulation authors and such, over the years.

And if you’re wondering; yes – I’m dirt poor. Sad (for me – hah!), but true. Hopefully finishing school will change this. As technical and advanced as some of the stuff I do is, I do ~not~ work in any sort of high tech field. Low tech, low pay. But like I said, hopefully school will remedy both of these. I’m not trying to guilt anyone, just that something as small as lunch or whatever- actually helps/is appreciated. Meh – whatever.

You can donate to my site/projects/whatever via paypal. Just use the email address . Of course, remove the underscores (as in “”). Set the type of ‘payment’ as ‘gift’.

PS: Man, I feel a little dirty/cheap for creating this page.  But I’ve have a few people request that I put up such a page. So here it is.

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