Downloads and links



– XM linear to non linear volume chart.
– PCE cribsheet page 1 (ver 1.0.3)
– PCE cribsheet page 2 (ver 1.0.4)


– Official Hu7 CD manual (sys card functions/etc)
– Arcade Card info (WIP)
– Sprite size diagram



– PCE mouse support



– PCEAS2 – new version of PCEAS assembler. Version 3.22 Tomaitheous release


– R-Type2


– PCE dev blockos forum


………………………………..< Utilities >………………………………..

– SOX is an audio conversion utility. The VOX output is ADPCM compatible with PCECD ADPCM format. But it assumes clipping will be handled on the hardware side, which is not the case with PCECD. So normalize or lower your volume of the source to something like 80%.

– Image2PCE is a color reduction conversion app for PCE. It’ll take complex images with thousands of colors, and reduce them to 16 subpalettes or less.

37 Responses to “Downloads and links”

  1. Awesome stuff you have here. It’s not every day I come across something like this. I envy thee to an absurd level. Makes me wish I could code/program, just don’t know where to start.

  2. I have not even begon to touch this yet. Still organizing, and etc. Pretty nice website, just stay healthy. Don’t die on us.

  3. Elconejotres Says:

    Hey Thom nice blog here, you remember me? I’m elconejotres from the post of the pce japanese games, I have a question regarding pce, there’s a program or utility to extract, rencode and insert back pcm sound from the isos of pcecd? can you give me some tips to do it? thanks in advance

    • ADPCM? There’s no header for the ADPCM streams, so locating them can be a bit of a pain. If the ADPCM has a bit of silence in the beginning of a track, you can kind of use that as a generic identification device. But I don’t know of any apps that look for this. I guess you’d have to find the pointers in the game for the ADPCM parts or just manually look for them. No fun either way. But once you locate them, it’s easy to extract them. There should be quite a bit of utils that will rip sections of binary data for you, from a file. Irregardless of what the data is. Data is data. Re-encoding is easy. SOX is an encoder and can encode wave files to the IMA ADPCM spec (which is which the PCE CD systems use). Then use the same rip tool (usually) to re-insert the binary file back into the ISO. ADPCM is always fixed at 4bits of data. So the size never changes, that is to say it’s never variable via compression. So a 23 second audio file, regardless of what’s in that 23 seconds of audio, will compress to the same file size in IMA ADPCM.

      A good place for this kind of discussion is

  4. retrorepair Says:

    No link for Megaman CD? -_-‘

    • I took it down 😀 Mwa-hahahahaha

      I’ll put it back up soon, though you might need to bug me/remind me.

      • The mega man music pack for the cd version is an invalid file. When I go to extract it, it says the folder is empty. Could i please get that? I am dying to play this with cd audio ever since i saw the video of it on youtube. Thanks. = )

      • Weird. It only downloads about 17megs of the file and says it’s complete, but the thing is actually 360megs. Something must have corrupted on the server. Give me about a day to re-upload it.

      • I just checked to see if it had been re-uploaded. I am not sure if it has or hasn’t, however, if it has, it is still giving me the same error. DOH! Lol!

  5. Hey, when do you think Mega Man will be back up? I’d really like to try it.

  6. Do you think a cd version of Contra is possible? I feel like that with CDDA support would be amazing on the Duo.

    • Yeah, it’s possible. It’s just a matter of hook the PSG player in the game and spying on when it does a music track call – and play CDDA instead. But, the current state of Contra isn’t anywhere near that of Megaman let alone Castlevania projects. Contra was pretty much just a single afternoons worth of work to get it up and running (since it shares some emulation code with Castlevania project). IIRC, Contra WIP needs some work. There are some small graphic glitches here and there, and I haven’t actually played it to the end/beat it. I.e. it needs work still.

  7. I like the song HuC6280 on Fire and would really like it remaking it in LBP2. But i need a copy of the song to remake it.

  8. hello , do you know where I could find the sgx/acd library foe Hu-C that was available a couple years ago?
    Thanks in advance

  9. […] appartient à césar, le mérite de ce portage Nes vers la PCE revient à l’auteur du blog qui travaille également sur d’autres portages (Castlevania, Super Mario Bros, Ducktales 2 […]

  10. T2KFreeker Says:

    The video for Megaman 2 looks sweet. Hopefully that sees the light of day with the Castlevania CD game! Awesome!

  11. Nighttrate Says:

    Hi mate are you going to do a cd Version for Megaman 2?

    • Maybe. Last time I did a CD version of MM1, someone made a manual and CD for it and tried to pass it off as an original prototype or some such.

      • Nighttrate Says:

        Yeah I saw that, it was a cheeky move but you can’t let it stop you doing your thing.

        I don’t have a way of playing your dev due to my lack of knowledge on getting them to work also I don’t have a everdrive or anything like that so it a difficult thing.

        But i’m a fan same way & I rate what you did with Mega man 1 post Top job now if I could get a ghost n goblins & goals & ghost on the pc engine I believe the console would be complete

        1 last question, how do i burn the iOS file ?

  12. I must say you have done a great job with this.

  13. Looking around and curious, if I made myself a CD copy for enjoyment on my own Duo, would I be able to find a PDF of the jewel case insert around? or did that Anime forever guy steal that too… :S

    • I’m pretty sure that someone scanned it (Bernie?). But I don’t have a scan of the inserts and manuals. The Anime guy hired someone to make those; they weren’t mine. But I did ask that he make them public, since he was selling my work. AFAIK, he didn’t.

  14. hello
    Would it be possible to get a megaman1 SCD in .bin/.cue form? because I’m trying to boot it under temper on my GCW ZERO, and temper don’t accept .iso/.wav/.cue 😦
    Played it on magic engine thought : very good 🙂
    THX you

    • Sorry, I had trouble building a cue/bin format from the cue/iso/wav format on my PC (they burned, but didn’t play on the real system. Could be my burner or could be the conversion process – so I don’t want to distribute it. That, and I can’t update just the data track for future updates for cue/bin). Not sure why; might be a windows 7 thing. If you have a PC, there should be some free conversion apps out there. Or possibly mount the image with something like Daemon tools, and then used an app to rip from the virtual drive in cue/bin format.

      • chetchaka Says:

        Actually, the cause of bin / cue not working might be that the .cue file doesn’t have defined Index lengths. If they’re all lumped into a bin/cue, it can’t tell where the tracks begin or end.

        Somehow, the .iso will need to be quantified to the correct index length, along with all the songs. The iso is something I’m not sure about, but the songs should be easy enough.

      • I used 3 different apps to rip a both a virtual image and burned CD, back into a bin/cue. I don’t think it’s an incorrect cue/bin mix up. The programs would either crash, cancel out, or produce CUE/BINs that wouldn’t mount or work after being burned (on the real console, but the ISO/Cue set would). Three completely different apps. It’s something with my setup, but I had no problem creating all kinds of different setups with cue/bin in the past, under Windows XP. I don’t normally don’t use Cue/Bin anyway, so it’s not a priority to figure out. I just don’t want to post Cue/Bin images that I can’t verify work on the real system, created from my system/apps.

        But on the nitty gritty, the indexes are all there. Even if they weren’t, it’s an illegal/out of spec production (according to the definition standards) to have less than a 2 second primary index (only 1 index is required). If it’s omitted, the burning soft will inject the minimum length index (labels as pregap) into the layout – per track. I’ve tested this tons of times in the past. I don’t know of ~any~ burners that will accept a layout with less than 2 second initial index either. I’m using the standard 2 second pregap index for the image, too. The 3 second one used in some old PCE CD games, is just an extra precaution for old players (3 second if the end of the last CDDA track plays into the start of the next track being data).

        I thought maybe it just my cheap Blu-ray burner, but it does it on virtual mounted images as well. Leads me to believe that there’s an underlying issue with the system/OS API, when it does a raw bin read like that. Because I can burn other cue/bin that I’ve download just fine. I can mount them without problem too.

      • Hey hope this helps.

        I converted to BIN/CUE by mounting the cue with Daemon Tools then using ImgBurn’s read mode and setting it to bin. I then burned it with ImgBurn and it worked with Magic Engine. I will test on my Turbo Duo later.

        Keep up the awesome work, pcedev. Since you’re a Mega Man fan, maybe you would be interested in this. Zero playable throughout all of X3 and it works great.

  15. William0918 Says:

    I can help with the NES2PCE Megaman games.

  16. Wow that Mega Man 1 with redbook audio looks AWESOME. I am trying to download both the Mega Man 1 SCD files. I assume I need both of these files to burn the game so I can play it in my DUO. I am having issues downloading the music file. It gets about 50% done and then stops downloading. Any ideas?

  17. Any tips on burning the dual boot Lords of thunder? IMGburn throws an error about the audio tracks, Alcohol 120% gives an cue error.

  18. William0918 Says:

    Could you do NES2PCE Double Dragon? I want it on CD.

  19. plasticrelic Says:

    Thank you for your contributions to the hobby.

    I was on the wayback machine and seen that you had posted some demos.

    I was wondering if you could you make these files available again?

    SGX Demo VPC #1.iso [size: 9148416] [CRC32: f899216f]
    SGX Demo VPC #2.iso [size: 10543104] [CRC32: df0e6059]

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